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At TWCU Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited, we take great pride in our personal approach in dealing with our members, coupled with our wide array of products and services, we provide a solid base from which we can serve our members even more efficiently & effectively.

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Member's Update

TWCU will be conducting a data clean up/ KYC exercise from Monday 10th January 2022


Loan Requirements

As a result of ongoing due diligence, TWCU is required to validate the Proof of Address of our members.


Adapt And Thrive

Take a look at the latest October Newsletter for 2021.

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December 2021 Edition

Take a look at the latest newsletter for December 2021

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We Invest In Our Youth

Building the bridges for your child's next move. We focus on providing the neccessary skills and providing the right resources in order for the journey of our young members.

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