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Johann Borde

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Johann Borde

Johann Borde, pronounced with a "Y" is a man who wears many hats and boots. Having crossed 4 decades of a natural life span, he has served 17 years at Eastern Credit Union, 2 years at Police Credit Union and over 4 years in the larger commercial financial sector. Core to his operational style, he has spent over 19 years supporting and penetrating the new markets in the Credit Union industry, which time has proven can only be done by understanding the symbiotic relationship of operations management of all stakeholders.

A holder of a MSc. In Strategic Marketing (Distinction) from the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, he is able to quickly diagnose, assess and strategize an organisation and direct the necessary resources for growth and success.
Outside of the black and white resume, the father of four (4), has hands on, knee-deep in trenches experience in the construction industry and adept Project Management expertise having worked with various government ministries. Johann has strong passion for the intrinsic growth and development of people, not only the human resource asset of an organization, but the everyday people, the socially displaced persons and his success in ensuring their re-integration in society.
Synonymous to Johann, you'd often hear the words growth through motivation, data, purchase dissonance and critical. Human to experiences his strength is being able to see the 360 bird's eye view for longevity and adaptability to the discomfort of change. In essence, Johann’s service is to the growth and enhancement of others, to the true value in the realization of one's fullest potential as Maslow describes.
A critical and industry specific formula used to manage disruptive change...

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