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Avalon Gomez

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Avalon Gomez

Brand Consultant

Avalon is a Trinidad Business Owner, Brand Consultant, Lecturer, and Leading Voice in the Women's Empowerment. Her known expertise as a brand marketing mogul and thought leader, is consistently used to drive persons forward to successful career and personal development. Avalon has worked with local and international Brands such as Nadia Batson , Canto Caribbean , Us Embassy, Eastern Credit Union , Digicel TT , TWCU , Roytec, CTS College and UWI, NH Productions, to name a few . Labeled The Ultimate Multi-Hyphenate; Avalon is passionate about community development and entrepreneurship. Avalon is also the founder of Non-profit Organization EmpowHER TT and Lead creative strategist at Avelle The Branding Agency , A brand marketing agency. An exceptional impact leader and visionary, she enjoys : Reading, Nigerian movies, Women empowerment events and Long beach days.

Named a Global Young Leader at 19years old.
Named a Covid-19 Hero in the year 2020 .
Featured in Newsday, Express , Women's Magazine, CNC3, TTT, ACM Caribbean, GIRLfessionals Florida.

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